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We are AFSers, mighty AFSers!
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We are the community for AFSers on LiveJournal. Have you been an AFS student? Do you want to be? Are you curious about it?

Have you hosted a student, or been part of a host family? Would you like to?

Are you, or have you been a volunteer for the organization?

If you're interested in AFS, have been or still are involved in the organization, please join us.

There's no real point, yet, to this community other than community. Depending on how things go, it might later get narrowed down to suggested "on topic" conversation, but I like to start without too many limits. (see edit 1)

Please keep images, though, behind lj-cuts, and if you must post a quiz result, try to keep it somewhat on topic.

Please suggest words for the interest list!

edit 1:

Please keep posts here as relevant to international exchange as possible. Political action is important, but we're very much an international community. If you want to discuss politics, please make your particular post about political action or opinion directly relevant to AFS, or experiences as an exchange student, or international exchange in general.

If you want to post stuff here that could just as easily be crossposted into any other community, please find a way to make it relevant.

And please leave comments enabled when you post anything at all. This is a discussion community, not an announcement board.

Note: For the benefit of members who don't have perfect eyesight, please only post in a standard font, without fancy colors or small sizes.

Thank you,

Mary (community moderator, Australia YP 1/81-1/82)