Super_Nyaaa (super_nyaaa) wrote in afsers,

a year in Italy?

Hello everyone ^^

I'm a girl on 15 and want to take a year in Italy but there's something i want to know before ^^

is it true that girls must not walk alone outside before they are about 20?
that if native people finds out that you aren't native yourself they will almost kill you? (i got told this had something to do with the mafia)
and that your host parents are going to choose what you want to wear every single day?

if you know please tell me ^^

than again i would really like to talk to an Exchange Student who have been in Italy :)

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well, maybe if you end up in a tiny village in Sicily...

First of all, I've never been to Italy. But I live two countries to the North and that all sounds pretty ridiculous to me. Unless you have weirdass parents they're not going to choose your clothes for you, they might tell you not to wear something overly revealing to school (depending on where you live), but that should be it.

The other two... er, no :)

(I know someone on dw who just came back from Italy. Dunno if she's on here, but if not I'll let her know you're looking for people)
if you would ask her it would be super =3
thank you!
I was an AFS exchange student to Italy, and none of that is true. Girls were asked not to expose their arms when we went into the Vatican, and that's about all as far as those types of restrictions. My family never told me what to wear, although if your school has a uniform, then you would obviously need to wear that.

It's easy to listen to what our friends say, but the fact is that they usually don't know any more than we do. It was a good idea to find out more information from people who have more experience rather than just believing everything you hear.
well i didn't listen to my friends, but to my big sister as she has been there (about two weeks) some years ago to visit our family.

and she's the one who told me all this ^^' (she did visit family both in Tursi and Bologna)

i don't know if it's just me who have a strange family or what XD But I really want to go down there and learn the language and about the culture, as well as my visiting my family, and actually speak with them when i get to know Italian ^^ (i don't think i've ever talked to them, and sadly i've only been showing photos since i were about 3 last i've seen them)

If it's okay, i would really like to talk to you about your exchange and so ^^
I'd be happy to talk to you about my exchange, although it was many years ago. I'm still in touch with my host family, though. I had a wonderful time there, although it was only for a summer and not for a whole year.
that would be super ^^

where did you live?
and how was your first days?
and since it was in the summer you didn't go to school right?