amie (starryeyedstara) wrote in afsers,


Hi :)
I'm Amie, from New Zealand.
I'm in the beginning stages of finding out about going on exchange.
The thing is, I'm vegan, and I know it might be a problem.
I'll be willing to be vegetarian or maybe even eat meat in small amounts if I really have to, but if possible I'd really like to stay vegan or mostly vegan.
So, which countries would be best for me?
I'd love to go to a Spanish speaking country (I've been learning Spanish for a while and I love it!) but from what I can tell it would be very difficult to be vegetarian there...

Looking at the afs website, it says that Venezuela will accept vegetarians, and I also like the idea of going to the USA or Thailand.
Any suggestions or advice?
Thanks in advance =)
I'm really excited!
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