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This came thorugh my e-mail and thoguht it was intersting


Want to be an ambassador? 

Become an Exchange Student with AFS! 

AFS Returnees work in business, industry, entertainment, government, education, journalism, and even outer space. What do they have in common? Most say that the experience of studying abroad has changed their life!  

We offer more than 140 foreign exchange programs in 40 countries, as well as scholarships, financial assistance, and the chance to host an outstanding student from another country. Here are some of our outstanding AFS Returnees:  

  • President of the U.N. General Assembly - Jan Eliasson,  Sweden
  • U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations - Zalmay Khalizad, U.S.
  • President of Colombia, President of OAS - Cesar Gaviria, Colombia
  • State Secretary of Foreign Affairs - Hans Dalgren,  Sweden
  • Chief of Protocol, Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Christopher Bo Bramsen, Denmark
  • Under Secretary for Political Affairs U.S. Dept. of State - R. Nicholas Burns, U.S.
  • Ambassador of Chile to Syria - Ricardo Fiegelist Schmidt, Chile
  • Director-General, Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Motohide Yoshikawa, Japan
  • Minister of Government and Justice - Jorge Hernandez Alcerro, Honduras
  • Under Secretary of State, Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Hannu Hoffman, Finland
  • President & CEO of the American-Turkish Council - James Holmes, U.S.
  • Dir. of European Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Jose Angel Lopez Jorrin, Spain  
  • Dir. Gen., Org. of the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons - Rogelio Pfirter, Netherlands

Other amazing AFSers… 

President, Columbia University -

     Lee Bollinger

Senior Correspondent, ABC News -

     Bettina Gregory

Astronaut - Cady Coleman

Tony Award-winning actor - Bill Irwin 

Editor-in-Chief, Allure - Linda Wells

Director of the CIA - James Woolsey

Chief Justice of Supreme Court,

     Massachusetts - Margaret Marshall

Chairman, BMW - Helmut Panke

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